Heart stones


Saturday on the beach, within half an hour (of not really looking), I found five heart shaped stones.

Walking again in the evening, north to south, west side the sea, I came across a collection of line quartz which someone had gathered from the beach the previous day and left in the littoral zone, it was still there even after the tides had been and gone. I moved them about to form a heart shape; an offering to the sea, to nature, to life, to the universal love.

Walking on, seconds later, I throw a stick, look down and see a palm sized white quartz heart.

I debate with my self whether to throw the stone back into the sea; to return the gift, have I already taken enough?


For now, I put it in my pocket.


The sea has now taken the gift of quartz pebbles arranged in a heart shape, perhaps to make into new hearts and send them on.

I find a quartz heart.

Now I see hearts everywhere. Even in chewing gum on the pavement.

This evening I’m thinking I must have found enough heart stones now and am feeling the love of the present moment as I walk the beach again with my dog.

I’m not looking! Honest I am not looking for heart stones.

I look down and there is a very large belly sized heart stone.
I pick it up and carry it close to my body to take the weight.

I will put it with the other large heart stones which I found this year; around the vegetable and flower garden. Let them know they are loved, let them grow.



One Comment to “Heart stones”

  1. awesome sarah I collect heart stones too and put them in the north side of my veg patch to attract dryads! xxx

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