| Black & White Exhibition |


An exciting monochromatic exhibition opening on 29th March is at Belgrave Gallery St. Ives. They also have on, a vibrant show on urban and street art  called URBAN and will be showing some fine contemporary ceramics alongside. The poster for the exhibitions is below.


URBAN | Ceramics | Black & White Exhibition
Belgrave St Ives

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America's Finest (and others)

29 March – 22 April 2013

The gallery is very pleased to present a new exhibition of Urban Art, featuring some of the key names in the genre. In 2008, Belgrave St Ives was the first gallery in Cornwall to present an exhibition by internationally acclaimed Urban and Street artists, and this new exhibition continues to explore this dynamic area of Contemporary Art. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see and acquire work by some of the best names in the field. All works in the exhibition are framed and available to purchase from receipt of this email.


Studio Ceramics

The gallery continues to develop the area of good quality affordable applied art (ceramics, small design objects, etc.). If you are interested in studio pottery, have a look at our new website page featuring works by Richard Batterham, Alan Brough, Mike Dodd, Sotis Filippedes, Ninna Gotsche, Lisa Hammond, Shigeyoshi Ichino, David Leach, Peter Swanson, Phil Rogers, Harvey Young and others.


Black & White Exhibition

An elegant, online-only focus show of primarily black & white works by Modern and Contemporary artists from the gallery’s inventory. By reducing the medium to black and white, the artist’s drawing ability is revealed through a reduction to essential elements. Includes works by Robert Adams, Sven Berlin, Sandra Blow, Alan Davie, Terry Frost, Roger Hilton, Peter Lanyon, Celia Paul, Sarah Poland, John Wells, Phil Whiting and others.



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