The Nomadic Studio kitchen


Grow, forage, Cook, feast.

A kitchen diary; a notebook of thrown-together no time meals, experimentations and delights.

The ‘in-truck’ kitchen, a tiny kitchen cooking fabulous food.

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11th September.

I spent the afternoon collecting some of Autumn’s magical harvest. Elderberries (I think these actually have magic properties in them), brambles (we called the fruits this where I grew up in Scotland), autumn raspberries from the woodland garden and an abundance of over-sized White Patty Pan or Turks Head squash. I thought they were supposed to be large, like small pumpkins and keep well through the winter, but I looked them up today and every gardener and cook said that they ought to be 3-4″ across when picked and were a little like a nutty courgette. So I guess I’ll have to tough through the skins and find a dish that works. I wonder if they keep well too?


2013-09-11 15.01.12.

So much which could be done in the garden and such a joy to do. I did manage to find a courgette, also oversized to mammoth I mean marrow-like proportions, you know, the kind which somehow stay hidden under those prickly leaves, lurking mischievously. I am pleased because despite the glut of this wonderful vegetable, I had forgotten to save one for growing large in order to save seeds from. So this I have done and have them drying in a paper bag.


2013-09-15 11.41.19.

18th September.
Roasted home-grown figs with homemade goats cheese, drizzled in oil infused with home-grown basil, topped with pink peppercorns. A little smug I realise, but then how can one not be?

2013-09-16 17.51.55

2013-09-16 18.03.20.



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