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April 16, 2014

Exhibition at the Druidstone, Pembrokeshire

I have an exhibition up currently showing work from ‘Either Side Of The Night’, an exhibition held at Belgrave Gallery in 2008. The work was shown then for three weeks and has been in storage since. So, those which didn’t sell in the brief window of opportunity, with frames touched up, they are now in the large dining room, over looking the Atlantic, at the Druidstone Hotel in Pembrokeshire.


Druidstone Hotel, Pembrokeshire


This is a positively bohemian establishment where you might find yourself sitting next to gypsies, food lovers or rock stars. It has a relaxed and worn-in atmosphere where one could find a nice corner, perhaps in the walled garden, to sip coffee and write a book. They even serve fabulous food All day, which is otherwise unheard of, so if you come off the coastal path hungry at 3, you will be catered for. They also serve good beer and have a calendar of acoustic gigs.

Enough about them, it’s worth a visit. The whole series of work can be seen on my website, ‘Either Side Of The Night’.