MFA Exhibition Hang at Aberystwyth School Of Art


The Nomadic Studio delivering work to the School of Art.



Installing the work – with assistance.

SOA-installation day


Final installation shots of the Gallery exhibition space.



The Intimacy Of Liminal Spaces 2015. Oil and acrylic on linen, 140x360cm.


…and two mixed media studies on paper.


Catalogue Artist Statement

One of the things that makes painting distinctive is how the perception of time is evaluated: its histories can be visible and at the same time all are firmly in the present. In painting I want something of the immediacy  of drawing: its explosiveness, brevity, rawness and also a type of mark-making that is not consciously directed and informs both the beginning and the final stages of making an image.

We share a liminal existence: occupying a position at, or on both sides of a boundary or threshold. Experiences offer many thresholds between the physical and transcendental, thought and realisation, present, future, past.

Nature can give us moments of poetic experience.  I seek to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of expressing these liminal moments in paint.



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