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February 11, 2016

The Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking

By clicking on the icon (below) you can access a PDF scanned copy of the exhibition catalogue. Please note that this copy includes corrections on two pages not seen in the original printed version.


Xiaoxiang Cat-1

Collection of Works of Xiaoxiang

Exhibition of International Printmaking

Catalogue ISBN  978 7 5356 7459 3

200 pages, 305mm x 235mm, Hard Back

Published by Hunan Art Press

Xiaoxiang Portfolio: The Language of the Future


I was invited by Paul Croft RE TMP to take part in the The Xiaoxiang Portfolio. It is entitled The Language of the Future and has been developed in parallel with the Xiaoxiang Exhibition of International Printmaking, which opened at The Mei Lun Gallery at The Hunan Fine Art Institute in Changsha on Saturday 14 November. Featuring the work of thirty international artists from the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada, Chile and Australia and twenty artists from across China; this has been a most ambitious project presenting artists with an oportunity to produce a print in any medium interpreting the theme of Language and the Future.

Prints for the portfolio have been printed on to ‘half sheets’ of paper 560mm x 380mm in editions of 35 and will be curated as two box sets – each containing work by 25 artists. Ten sets containing all 50 prints are due to be presented to major collections -still  to be announced. The prints produced for the Portfolio employ all forms of printmaking including: etching, embossing, woodcut, linocut, wood engraving, lithography, screenprinting, monotype and digital prints.