November 13, 2016

The Delivery Team

to Belgrave St. Ives, Cornwall – a reliable  old Mercedes and my wonderful family. 5/11/16




October 23, 2016

Exhibition Invitation


Neon And Rust 2016  100x200cm



May 14, 2015

MFA Exhibition Hang at Aberystwyth School Of Art


The Nomadic Studio delivering work to the School of Art.



Installing the work – with assistance.

SOA-installation day


Final installation shots of the Gallery exhibition space.



The Intimacy Of Liminal Spaces 2015. Oil and acrylic on linen, 140x360cm.


…and two mixed media studies on paper.


Catalogue Artist Statement

One of the things that makes painting distinctive is how the perception of time is evaluated: its histories can be visible and at the same time all are firmly in the present. In painting I want something of the immediacy  of drawing: its explosiveness, brevity, rawness and also a type of mark-making that is not consciously directed and informs both the beginning and the final stages of making an image.

We share a liminal existence: occupying a position at, or on both sides of a boundary or threshold. Experiences offer many thresholds between the physical and transcendental, thought and realisation, present, future, past.

Nature can give us moments of poetic experience.  I seek to explore the possibilities and impossibilities of expressing these liminal moments in paint.


December 5, 2013

Belgrave St. Ives – Yuletide Exhibition Invitation


Showing the first of the oil paintings ‘To Walk With Beauty’, from the woodland series. Oil on board 48 x 60cm.


To Walk With Beauty



Your invitation to a Private View of Yuletide Exhibition 2013
Belgrave St Ives

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Yuletide Exhibition

Private View: Sat 7 Dec, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition runs until 6 Jan 2014

You are warmly invited to the Private View of our extensive seasonal exhibition of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and 3D objects by the gallery’s group of contemporary artists and invited artists. The show also includes works of Modern Art and Design. This rich and diverse exhibition contains artworks across a wide range of media, with prices from £45 to £6500.

Many of our clients purchase works of art as gifts, and we are well used to the discreet handling and despatch of such items. Orders for works received before 10 Dec will be packed and sent in time for Christmas. Please contact the gallery with enquiries.



The gallery is open on Sat and Sun 7/8 Dec from 10am to 4.30pm as part of the St Ives In December Art & Craft Weekend.

Belgrave St.Ives

22 Fore Street – St. Ives Cornwall TR26 1HE – UK

Tel +44 (0)1736 794888

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September 29, 2013

So this is where the notebooks from the Nomadic Studio retrogressively start.

I didn’t really know about blogging at the beginning of this journey, but with the acquisition a five and a half tonne truck I hope to blend various sketchbooks and document the adventure from now. Because  this particular journey started in 2009 posts will be reasonably chronological from then but will also be peppered with contemporary posts as events occur. From here-on-in this blog will track findings from the Nomadic Studio, contain posts from the Studio Kitchen diary and follow my, Sarah Poland’s,  current exhibitions.


It started with an idea; romantic, exciting, practical, poetic certainly. I’d completed a year long series of paintings titled Either Side of the Night, shown at Belgrave St. Ives in October 2008 and promptly let go of my studio in Cornwall with the intention to save on studio rent while I come up with the next step. It was a wonderful studio, five minutes from the sea, a dream I’d say and perhaps a bit daft to let go of. But I felt that something else needed to happen. That something, galvanised itself into an idea for a travelling live-in studio. To allow me to travel and work. More precisely, to travel up to the Highlands where I grew up, from Cornwall where I had spent nearly ten years, and a have a space of my own in which to stay with the ability to move when inclined. If I had to batten down and hide out a storm, hey it wouldn’t matter, it wasn’t a waste of a holiday, after all I could still be working away and time would not be limited.

Next to decide was what and how big, having already decided on a luton box truck and preferably a Mercedes (I seem to have been converted), I had a first glance at Ebay to see what was there. And there it was, a five an a half tonne ex-removals lorry with a few days to go on the auction!
Bid now! No, wait and come in at the last moment. So I waited. I actually had no internet access, visited a boyfriend in Devon (deep in a valley with no internet) who’s invaluable help I had enlisted, and we had to find a friend in town.

Sweat sweat. Quick time’s running out. Only half an hour to go. I haven’t looked at anything else. Is it the right thing? It is rather larger than I had anticipated. It is a great vehicle though. Dive in, bid…connection slow… ‘Congratulations You are the Highest Bidder’, ‘You have won Mercedes 609d Luton Box Truck’  WOOWOO!

So it was just like that. Although I’m still not sure why they say you’ve ‘won’ it, but never mind. On the train we went to Leamington Spa; duvet, dog, lists of things to check on the vehicle and a lot of excitement in hand. The first night ever was spent in Worcester City by the canal, I felt as though we were a part of a folk song.



.The Truck.

Here the Nomadic Studio was born.



August 20, 2012

Festival of the Future

I will be taking part in the Arts Trail  at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), near Machynlleth in mid-Wales on Wednesday 29th August.
I am parking the Nomadic Studio on site and hosting a small exhibition of my latest prints inside, whilst working on current paintings for my next exhibition.


More information on the CAT Arts Event


Through the window of the Nomadic Studio


May 4, 2012

Heart stones


Saturday on the beach, within half an hour (of not really looking), I found five heart shaped stones.

Walking again in the evening, north to south, west side the sea, I came across a collection of line quartz which someone had gathered from the beach the previous day and left in the littoral zone, it was still there even after the tides had been and gone. I moved them about to form a heart shape; an offering to the sea, to nature, to life, to the universal love.

Walking on, seconds later, I throw a stick, look down and see a palm sized white quartz heart.

I debate with my self whether to throw the stone back into the sea; to return the gift, have I already taken enough?


For now, I put it in my pocket.


The sea has now taken the gift of quartz pebbles arranged in a heart shape, perhaps to make into new hearts and send them on.

I find a quartz heart.

Now I see hearts everywhere. Even in chewing gum on the pavement.

This evening I’m thinking I must have found enough heart stones now and am feeling the love of the present moment as I walk the beach again with my dog.

I’m not looking! Honest I am not looking for heart stones.

I look down and there is a very large belly sized heart stone.
I pick it up and carry it close to my body to take the weight.

I will put it with the other large heart stones which I found this year; around the vegetable and flower garden. Let them know they are loved, let them grow.


May 1, 2012

Night Bathing


Geese fly over at dusk. taking photos as the light fades. stars start to twinkle.

It’s dark now but for a nearly full moon, which is rising behind me.

Drawing with charcoal in the darkness I can barely see the marks, I can’t make out any softness on the paper.

All dark on the ground and the bath is dark but for the fire to the side and under.

The bath down by the stream in the damp valley in west Wales.


The wood-smoke both illuminates and obscures, adds a lighter tone to the dark areas above the fire and below the sky.

More stars are out now. looking cool white.

A satellite slides across the sky.

Silent wind and full tumbling stream.

If there was a little wind, what few leaves there are would make the stars go out sometimes. on and off.


May 1, 2012

Moon drawing

                                              …drawing a dancer using a camera with an un-timed long exposure and no tripod



May 1, 2012

Moon drawing

                                              …drawing the bath using a camera with an un-timed long exposure and no tripod